As the ASU women's basketball team prepares for another exciting season, their facilities are undergoing a much-needed renovation. The new locker rooms, which will feature the latest in design and technology, will be completed early this fall.

The Design
The designers, Dawn Leuzzi and Theresa Camp of Studio ENV (the design division of, created the space with the image and tradition of the ASU women's basketball team in mind. Leuzzi and Camp incorporated simple and timeless design and furniture with ASU colors while focusing on the stability and strength of the team. They maintained a strong sense of tradition and, at the same time, gave the team an exciting new image. "The new and improved facilities will enhance the excitement, pride, attitude, sportsmanship, community and morale amongst all of those involved," says Leuzzi.

The new facility includes an impressive entry featuring a metal sculpture displaying the ASU logo, bamboo flooring, fabric wall coverings and artwork on walls that screen the view into the locker area.

The Latest Technology
At the center of the updated locker room is an open, carpeted area with lounge seating, designed to enhance comfort and facilitate camaraderie among the team members. Two vanity areas will line the walls adjacent to sixteen state of the art X-Lockers. Features of the X-Lockers, a brand new, technologically advanced development, include:
  • Motorized door with a silent motor, which helps create an acoustically friendly environment
  • Personal lockable drawer, ensuring two layers of security
  • Integrated ventilation system, which eliminates odor and moisture
  • Computer control-panel facilitates a personalized touch screen combination, custom screen saver, computerized communication from coaches and staff, and more
The Off-Court Game
Although games are played on the court, winning starts off the court with intense mental and physical preparation. State-of-the-art facilities can't provide natural ability, but can help top athletes reach their ultimate potential.

The renovated locker rooms will enable players and coaches to gather in a team room to view game tapes and participate in meetings. The team room will be equipped with advanced audio/visual equipment including a flat screen television. A lounge seating area with tablet arms enables players to take notes while watching tape or listening to coaching staff instructions.

Two computer kiosk stations provide Internet access and provide players with a quiet area to complete their schoolwork. Just above the computer kiosks will be the focus of the team room, an inspirational wall. This collage of motivational words will echo the team's commitment to excellence, teamwork and pride.

Through the locker room and into the existing shower rooms will be another new addition, a large hot tub.

The coach's locker facilities will also receive a makeover, including new finishes, furniture, equipment and the X-Lockers.

A Functional Environment
Functionality is a cornerstone of the Women's locker room design. Accordingly, the coaching staff had an opportunity to share their goals and expectations in the planning stage. From there, the designers were able to create a space that meets the needs of the team and is practical, comfortable and inviting. The coaches feel confident that the new locker rooms will not only be a benefit to existing team members but will serve as an excellent invitation for new recruits. The coaches, the boosters, the fans, and of course, the team will all benefit from these new and improved facilities. It's just another step to continue the "positive mental attitude" of the ASU women's basketball team.